The Scribe’s Daughter

“I never imagined my life would end this way.  Not today.  And certainly not in this place.  Yet here I was.  It was midday, and had I the ability to tilt my face toward the sky I would have been blinded by the early summer sun, a silent observer of my murder.  As it was, I could do no such thing.  The beefy arm around my throat immobilized me, and as I clawed at it ineffectively, I felt my life drain away bit by bit, with each unsuccessful gasp for air.”

Kassia is a thief and a soon-to-be oath breaker.  Armed with only a reckless wit and sheer bravado, seventeen-year-old Kassia barely scrapes out a life with her older sister in a back-alley of the market district of

the Imperial city of Corium.  When a stranger shows up at her market stall, offering her work for which she is utterly unqualified, Kassia cautiously takes him on.  Very soon however, she finds herself embroiled in a mystery involving a usurped foreign throne and a vengeful nobleman.  Most intriguing of all, she discovers a connection with the disappearance of her father three years prior.

When Kassia is forced to flee her home, suffering extreme hardship, danger and personal trauma along the way, she feels powerless to control what happens around her.  Rewarding revelations concerning the mysteries of her family’s past are tempered by the reality of a future she doesn’t want.  In the end, Kassia  discovers an unyielding inner strength, and that contrary to her prior beliefs, she is not defined by external things — she discovers that she is worthy to be loved.

Praise for The Scribe’s Daughter:

“The Scribe’s Daughter is not an easy book to categorize.  It takes place in another world, but the reader will encounter no dragons or vampires.   Its major female character is in her teens, but her story will appeal to readers of all ages.   Kassia’s life could easily be rooted in the Middle Ages, but it isn’t.  It is simply a very well written book about a character that readers will care about, amused by her dry humor, admiring her courage, and wincing at her recklessness.”  -Sharon Kay Penman, New York Times best-selling author of  Lionheart and A King’s Ransom

“An entertaining, page-turning read.  If I was an editor building a list of my own authors for a publishing house, I’d offer for this one for my fantasy list.” -Elizabeth Chadwick, The Greatest Knight, The Scarlet Lion

“A fine adventure romp with tantalizing hints of possible twists, then unexpected ones, and characters to care about.” – Priscilla Royal, author of Wine of Violence, an Eleanor, Prioress of Tyndal Mystery

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"…fantasy that reads like historical fiction."

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